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About Us

A Sacred Space for Health and Wellness

Luna y Sol was built after answering a calling to create a place for healing. A sacred space for health and wellness - connecting mind, body and soul. Our vision is to bring together a community who is ready to transform their lives and reconnect themselves to their true essence resulting in optimal mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being

Luna y Sol is a place to call home. A place where you are welcome to show up as you are, ready to surrender to the sacred lands and remember what you came here to do, and do the work that will open the doors to the answers you carry within. We look forward to seeing you and working with you. 

With love, 

Luna y Sol

Our Services


Embrace the Breath of Life: A Transformational Breathwork Journey


Unlock the Secrets of Cacao: Journey into Sacred Bliss


Step into the Chill: Embody the Power of Cold Immersion


Beyond words: Find Belonging in Our Sharing Circles


Crafting Ancestral Wisdom: Discover the Soul of Craftsmanship and storytelling


Nourish Your Being: A Wellness Day of Breathwork, Cold Immersion, Soulful Forest Connection and Sacred Fire

What People Say

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 # Join the Cold Plunge and Breathwork Community


Breathing is a superpower! My first time trying the Elemental Rhythm Breakthrough Experience was superb, deeper reaches, overwhelmed with many emotions it allowed me to give into. it wholeheartedly. Under the phenomenal direction of Ibeth, I set intentions and let go. I appreciated the attention to detail, tone of voice, music, choice of words, guidance and overall Ibeth's cadence made it a joyful experience. I am grateful! I am blessed! I Love! I am!


I am deeply thankful for the guidance of Ibeth. I have only on a few occasions in my life experienced such a profound and spiritual experience, it was incredible. I have felt a massive shift and some deep healing and forgiveness I have been working toward for many years. Wow. Thank you,  Thank you, Thank you. You are a very special soul and I thank you again. 

Cacoa ceremony participant

What an incredibly powerful ceremony last weekend was. So many realizations and big shifts for me. It was so special to be included in the first teepee evening. You guys are creating magic. Thank you Chris & Ibeth.

Markdale, ON
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